Welcome to CLB Mobile Detail in Suntree, FL. Our services are customized to suit your vehicle’s unique requirements, delivering a premium finish and safeguarding it from the elements. Rest assured, we treat your car with the utmost care, as if it were our own!


For excellent auto detailing services in Suntree, FL, turn to CLB Mobile Detail. Specializing in various services such as ceramic coating, paint correction, thorough detailing, window tint and paint protection, we ensure your car receives the utmost care. Our dedicated team of detailers is committed to enhancing your vehicle’s appearance and maintaining its value.

To schedule an appointment and experience the pinnacle of automotive care, please call 321-604-1568. We’re prepared to surpass your expectations with our expert detailing services.

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Suntree, FL, situated in Brevard County, blends suburban tranquility with modern conveniences. With lush surroundings, golf courses, and nearby amenities, it offers residents a peaceful yet convenient lifestyle. Its proximity to beaches and parks makes Suntree, FL, a desirable location for those seeking relaxation and outdoor recreation.

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Auto Detailing

Professional car detailers at CLB Mobile Detail deliver extensive hand washing and cleaning services, clearing away dirt and debris to improve driver visibility. With consistent detailing, your vehicle will be in top condition, ensuring it runs efficiently and providing a smoother driving experience.

CLB Mobile Detailing Melbourne, FL

Paint Protection

CLB Mobile Detailing’s paint protection applies a nanotechnology coating to your vehicle, delivering exceptional defense against scratches and chips. Its unique self-healing properties ensure your car maintains a flawless finish for years.

CLB Mobile Detailing Melbourne, FL

Window Tinting

At CLB Mobile Detail in Suntree, FL, our window tinting services enhance your vehicle's look and protect against harmful UV rays. High-quality tints reduce glare, heat, and interior fading, ensuring a comfortable and preserved interior.

CLB Mobile Detailing Melbourne, FL

Ceramic Coating

Our ceramic coating service offers unmatched shine and protection, forming a durable, hydrophobic layer over your car’s paint. It keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer and shields it from scratches, oxidation, and UV damage, maintaining its pristine condition.

CLB Mobile Detailing Melbourne, FL

Paint Correction

We specialize in paint correction to restore your vehicle’s exterior. Our experts remove imperfections like swirl marks and scratches, reviving your car’s original depth and clarity. This process enhances appearance and prepares your car for protective coatings.